"Dr Jones' Ultimate Canine Health Formula"

As a concerned dog owner, you should be avoiding as many 'un-natural' ingredients as possible. Learn about what you should be looking for in a Quality, natural supplement

"Dr Jones' Ultimate Canine Health Formula" WEBINAR It's on for next Thursday, October 23rd, at 6PM Pacific (8PM Central, 9PM Eastern).

On the 90-minute webinar, you'll discover the REAL truth about Dog Supplements, but you'll also learn....

  • Supplements: Are they REALLY necessary?
  • Safety: Here's how to know if supplements are safe for your dog
  • Do Supplements Actually WORK? The answers revealed
  • Natural Ingredients: are natural ingredients important? Find out more
  • Are Supplements WORTH The Price? Find out why you 'Get What You Pay For' with supplements
  • Quality Control: Is what's on the label actually in the supplement? The importance of Third Party testing
  • At what Age Should I give a supplement? Does my puppy or my middle aged dog need it, or is it just for senior dogs?
  • For dogs on Premium Diets: If I'm feeding my dog a Premium, High Quality diet, do I need to supplement as well?
  • I'm feeding my dog a RAW DIET - Do I need to supplement, or will she get all she needs from her diet?
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