Puppy Training
Pays Big Rewards

Puppy Training Candidate

Dog training should begin as Puppy Training each requiring consistent work.

Training is most effective if everyone who handles the dog takes part in their training.

Everyone must use the same commands, methods, and enforcement.

If you don't think you can do this on your own, consider basic puppy training classes.

Somewhere around 4 months of age start looking for classes available to help socialize your dog to other people and dogs.

Training classes are offered by many kennels, pet stores, and independent trainers.

Keep in mind one of the most important parts of puppy training is socialization.

Read more about Socialization and Training

Puppy Behavior

Adding a new family member is a big change in any home, but what if that addition is a Biting Nipping Puppy with needle-sharp teeth. This can certainly result in household chaos.

How Puppies Communicate

Puppies communicate needs by Biting, Whining, and Getting Fidgety. Learn about Puppy Development

The way the owner responds makes the difference between a healthy, obedient puppy or an unstable mess.

Puppies need consistent communication from their owners more than anything else. They need to know who is in charge, now is the time to make sure YOU are. Introducing a puppy to new people and places frequently will help calm their excitment when these events ocur.

Chewing and Toys

If you catch your puppy chewing on something they shouldn't be, the best reaction is to shout at the object in front of the dog, rather than yelling at or punishing the dog.

If you hit or directly scolded the dog, they won't understand and you could be hurting your relationship.

The chewing problem can be solved by giving and encouraging the use of appropriate Dog Toys and keeping a close watch on the puppy. Buy a few similar toys, too many toys can confuse them.

Never give an old shoe to a shoe-chomping puppy, the puppy won't know the difference between your good new shoe and the old shoe you gave him to snack on; pieces may break off and they could choke.

House Training

House Break Your Dog
Free Help from the Experts.
How To Articles.
Or, Ask a Behaviorist!

When it comes to house training there is no right or wrong way.

The key is to be consistent. With regularly enforced rules, litter box, crate, or paper training can be successful.

Make sure all members of the household enforce the rules whenever possible.

Accidents happen, having a procedure for dog urine clean-up makes it a little easier to deal with.

For more information on clean-up... visit www.PlanetUrine.com

All Worth It In The End

Puppies require time, energy, and money. Food and trips to the vet for check-ups and shots can get costly. But effective Puppy training can reward a person with a loyal companion.

An important thing many people don't think about, or act on, is that the best way to change puppy behavior is to change your own.

It is much easier to live with young dogs that have already learned basic commands. Waiting to start puppy training until the puppy is older and has already learned some bad habits makes dog training much more challenging.

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