More Puppy Pictures and

More puppy pictures, adopted Chihuahua Puppies along with testimonials from their new families. I enjoy hearing from families who have adopted my puppies, each of my babies are very special and knowing they go to loving home makes me happy.

I also love adding their updated pictures here.

Before too long I may need to add a more puppy pictures 2 page, I really don't mind!!

If you are a past adoptive family of Patz Dogs send me your updated pictures and lets show them off to the world. We may have helped bring them into this world, but you got them to where they are today.

New family John and Tanya Berengue from Klamath Falls, OR

Short Hair Chihuahua Puppy Picture Tanya wrote:

Chip has completely stolen my heart. i knew the instant i laid eyes on him in your living room that he was perfect for our family. i've never met a dog so sweet. Apart from being dog lovers, we were looking for a dog to be sweet and calm to help me with a problem. I have Chronic daily migraines that are disabling. i'd considered for quite some time that a dog laying next to me would help distract me from the pain. Chip does his job magnificently, he snuggles next to me and will snooze for hours while we wait for the pain to lessen. He's completely priceless, and we're completely crazy about him. Thank you so much for breeding your dogs so we could have such a wonderful puppy.
Take care,
-Tanya and John Berengue

Short Hair Chihuahua Puppy

New family Mark and Gina Sticklen, Bonanza, OR

Gina wrote:

Just letting you know Dolly now called Lil Miss or Missy is amazing!!SHe has gone to work with Mark all week and they are inseperable!! Then they come home and get in bed and cuddle all night!! She is the bomb and we are so happy with her!!! Thanks so much for such a wonderful girl!!
Mark and Gina Sticklen

Blue Merl Chihuahua

New Family Ed and Jenet Schafer,
Myakka City, Fl

Jenet wrote:

Hi Pat, Well, you won't believe how beautiful my little muffin (Bella) is. I do know she's from a good home by her actions. She keeps a smile on my face and has touched my heart like no other dog has! Have you seen the movie Marlie and Me, if Bells was 100lbs she would be just like that dog. My dogs LOVE her and keep them all going. I just love her soooooooo much! she's still a puppy and she makes me laugh 100 times a day! she's been the easiest to potty train, and at night we curl up and watch a movie.... The Schafers

My Congratulations to Edward and Jenet who are expecting their first (human) child in Nov. "May God Bless You"

More Puppy Pictures and Testimonials

New family for both these sweet boys, Ken and Kathy Sharples
Des Moines WA

Long Hair Tri Color Puppy Tri Color Long Hair Chihuahua Wavy Coat Long Hair Chihuahua Puppy Long Hair Chihuahua

Kathy wrote:

Pat, Thought you might like to see these pics I took of the boys. These guys are phenomenal! Joey and Jake are doing well, and do they ever have their special little personalities. Both are very good dogs and we love them lots. Quite the little charmers!

Joey is a clown and seems to be doing quite well in every way. He has wormed his way into everyone's hearts They sure are good doggies and we love them a lot! Such individuals (such troublemakers!). The two have keep me jumping! We sure do love them very much and are very glad we brought them home...Kathy

New family Sherry Furfaro and Kurt Buehler
Auburn WA

Chihuahua Puppy Long Hair Chihuahua

Sherry wrote:

Hi Pat! Tiki is an awesome pup! We absolutely love her. She is darling. She loves her crate/bed and no problem with whining at all. She does have about 10 brown spots on her back, but in this photo you aren't able to see any of them...Sherry

New Family Jessica Helmers, Chico CA
Long Hair Chihuahua Puppy

White Long Hair Chihuahua

Jessica wrote:

Chloe is a sweetheart!!! I love her so much. She is a little princess with a sassy attitude! She does some of the funniest things too, for example she likes to run around and do laps in circles when I take her to the dog park. She knows how to make me smile and laugh. Since I brought Chloe home the neighborhood kids practically live at my apt. she is extremely friendly after she gets to know someone. I can't remember my life without her. She is more than just a pet, as cliche as it may sound, she is my best friend!!...Jessica

If you'd like to be contacted about a future Chihuahua litter from Patz-Dogs let me know using the box below and I will put you on my contact list.

We normally have 8-9 pups out of two litters so if you want to be contacted before I post their pictures, get on the list now. Maybe then I can show your new pup on more puppy pictures.

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I hope to add more puppy pictures showing them now and then. I always keep the then pictures, again I encourage new families to send me now pictures to post on my more puppy pictures page.

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phone: 541-533-2400

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