Feeding Pregnant Dogs

Pregnant Chihuahua

Want to know about feeding pregnant dogs?

If you are already feeding your dog a good premium dog food that is high quality, it probably will not be necessary to change anything or add vitamin or mineral supplements.

Todays premium dog foods are good at providing all your dogs dietary needs even pregnant dogs. It is important to not over supplement, doing this may cause harm to the developing puppies.

Adding Extras

There are some breeders who like to add extra protein such as cottage cheese or even a cooked egg, these are added to the already established diet of their pregnant dogs on alternating days.

Although doing this is not absolutely necessary if you are already feeding premium dog food.

If you chose to add supplements to your pregnant dogs diet, talk to your veterinarian first. Tell them what you plan to add, make a list of the nutrients and ingredients listed on the labels.

Your veterinarian can will tell you if your plan will provide a balanced diet for feeding pregnant dogs.

Be Careful With Adding Calcium

Be careful with over supplementing your pregnant dogs diet with calcium as this may cause a serious condition known as eclampsia in pregnant dogs.

Start Her Off Right

Chihuahua Calorie Calculator by TrainPetDog

Before she becomes pregnant and then the first couple weeks of her pregnancy she should be fed a premium adult dog food.

Then starting at week four or five of her pregnancy start adding premium performance dog food or even a premium puppy food, check the label and be sure it is not large breed puppy formula which is generally lower in fat, protein and minerals.

About half way through her pregnancy increase your pregnant dogs daily meals to 3.

Also keep in mind during the last week your pregnant dog may need to be fed every 3-4 hours because the growing puppies are taking up more room.

The last couple weeks of the pregnant dogs gestation is when the most fetal growth takes place.

Keep An Eye On Her Weight

After whelping (giving birth) and the first 3 to 4 weeks of lactating she may be eating 2-4 times more than ate before she became pregnant.

Watch her weight, she should be gaining at a healthy level and not allow her to become obese, a mistake made with many pregnant dogs.

Your goal here is to have her weigh the same at weaning as she did prior to becoming pregnant, of course this depends on whether she was at her ideal weight at that time.

She should continue to have regular, but not strenuous, exercise to help her maintain her muscle tone and not become overweight.


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