Dog Toys and Your Bored Dog

No dog toys and nothing to do! A bored a dog can really cause havoc! A lot of dog owners think it's bad dog behavior when in reality it's simply boredom.

When you leave for work your sweet friend is laying curled up on his blanket and everything seems great, when you come home your house is turned upside down.

Boredom and separation anxiety can affect any type of dog. Large dogs, small ones, indoor out outdoor dogs. Different breeds need different amounts of exercise, but every breed requires mental stimulation.

When your dog is not mentally stimulated they can become frustrated and basically unhappy. That's not what we want for our best friends.

Most of us have to work and can't stay home with our dogs all day long.

Make a Plan for Mental stimulation when your off to work.

What Items Do You Need For The Plan?

A bored puppy

Toys, yes buy toys for your dog so they are mentally stimulated and happy.

Dog toys will keep your dog interested, active and excited. Toys are great doggy babysitters.

Make sure they know what’s their toys and not your things. Encourage them to play with only their toys. Take the time to show them how to use their toys by playing with them.

Check them frequently for signs of damage, even high quality dog toys can break, also consider the need for supervision with some toys.

What Toys Should You Buy?

You want to buy toys of high quality and will keep your dog interested. Toys must be interactive and keep your dog interested each time they play.

Popular Toys

  • Kong Toy

    A very popular rubber toy that is close to indestructible. It keeps their mind and jaws occupied. The Kong is made of rubber and can bounce.

    The center is hallow. Put edible treats in the middle to keep your dog interested, Dog biscuits and peanut butter are good choices. Your dog works to earn little bits of doggy treats from the Kong toy.

  • Kong Stuff a Ball

    Made of the same sturdy rubber as the original Kong Dog toy. But this one has rubber ridges and work great for cleaning your dogs teeth

  • Rope Toy
    Rope toys are chew toys your dog can interact with, but also chew on. Rope toys come in all sizes and improve dental health as well.

  • Variety

    Variety keeps life interesting, rotate your dogs toys each day to keep them interested.

    Keep in mind, don’t rely on toys alone. Play with your dog as much as possible when your home, a lot of one-on-one time. Give them the attention they crave.

    Put a toy away if your dog becomes bored with it, when you bring it back after a few days it will spark their interest all over again.

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