Litterbox Training Your Dog

Litterbox training is much easier if you combine it with Crate Training.

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Below I will give you steps the accompolish this training as well as a trick that helped with my male Chihuahua.

Training a Toy breed to a litter box is very convenient for apartment dwellers.

What You Need

Choose a litterbox large enough for your dog to circle around in. Do not use cat litter as this could be harmful to a puppy.

Training to the litter box is done slowly, if you make them afraid of it, well, you guessed it, you have another training process to go through and things take even longer.

Steps To Litterbox Training

  • Start with paper in the litterbox with just a small amount of litter added to it.
  • Take them directly from their kennel to the box and place them in it saying "Potty", they will probably immediately jump out.
  • Continue putting them back in the box using the "potty" command. When they go give lots of praise and a treat.
  • If they do not go, immediately return them to their kennel and watch for sniffing and circling again and repeat the process. Carry directly to box, place them in with the "potty" command.
  • Give them no other choice, when they realize you're serious, they will opt for relief, a treat and play time. Before too long they'll finish their business quickly.
I started adding more litter as they got faster at going. I found I had to add the litter slowly as I have one Chi who is very cautious and did not like the feel of the litter not being real stable under her feet.

Try This Trick

I have 4 Chi's; 3 females and 1 male I set up 2 litter boxes. In one I gave my male a large rock placed in the middle for him to lift his leg on.
Of course he has to mark it immediately.

I just replace the rock with a clean one when I clean the box. He is so cute, If I happen to be in the area when he's going he looks at me with that "Thanks Mom" attitude, I just have to laugh.

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