Crate Training Is It A Must?

Yes, Crate Training is if you're trying to house break your dog or puppy and you can't be there to supervise them.

No, if you're an at home person with an already trained dog, and you take them with you everywhere.

Many people feel this is mean or cruel, in fact it is very natural and comfortable for dogs, they feel safe and secure in a small confined area.

If you fall into the first category where you're trying to Potty Train, but can't be hypervigilant heres some tips to help you get started:

  • Choose a crate that your puppy or dog can stand up in, turn around in and lay down. For puppies it is especially important that it is not too big, or they will sleep in one corner and potty in another, defeating the whole training process. If it is too big place a box at one end reducing their floor area.
  • Plastic kennels are better and your puppy or dog will feel more secure, they are warmer inside and many plastic kennels are approved for airline travel.
Although finding a den is instinctive for dogs you may need to train him to use the den you chose for him. Do this slowly
  • Throw a treat in and allow him to go in and eat it and come back out.
  • Give him lots of praise each time he does this
  • Begin to feed him in the crate, don't close the door until he's comfortable being in it
  • Then close and open it immediately, gradually increase the time the door is closed. Once they are used to it leave them in for longer periods, with you close by.
  • Never use the crate for punishment
  • Never drag them to it
  • Never allow children to tease a crated puppy or dog, or bang on the crate, children should never get in the crate with your puppy. Teach children that the crate is your puppies private space and they should respect it
  • Never open the door of the crate while your puppy or dog is whining, barking or scratching

I leave the door to my dogs crate open after the House Breaking is complete. When I'm missing a dog the first place I look is in their crate. They're usually in there sound asleep.

It makes me glad I did crate training so they have a secure, comfortable place to go.

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