Fact About Chihuahuas

YOU don't own a Chihuahua. IT OWNS you!

Yes, It’s a fact about Chihuahuas you'll find to be absolutely true! And the one fact you will come to love and cherish about this breed of dog.

They are extremely loyal and protective of that human care giver THEY choose to adopt.

A Chihuahua should weigh no more than 6 pounds, but it's a fact just like us humans, they can gain weight easily if we “over love them with treats“, and there are those with bigger bone structure.

Keep your Chi healthy, feed them only a couple small meals a day and restrict the goodies and table scraps.

Another Chihuahua fact is they’re quite content living indoors, and they don't like cold. Read about Chihuahua Care

They get plenty of activity right in their own home. That makes them perfect for the elderly and health-challenged individuals or those who may live in an apartment.

They’re also super watch dogs, they'd think nothing of challenging an intruder, they don’t believe they are the smallest dog in the world.

Chihuahua Health and Safety

An important health fact is that they can become Hypoglycemic.A Chihuahua could easily exhaust its blood sugar supply just running in large back yard.

Be sure you keep a close watch on them and get to know the signs by reading this link Hypoglycemia.

A fact about Chihuahuas is that they must not be dropped or be allowed to jump down from your arms or any high place, due to a problem characteristic of the breed: fragile legs.

Their legs are fragile they can severely strain the ligaments around the kneecap and fracture the bones in the lower leg. Guard against this and save your Chihuahua the pain associated with such an injury as well as yourself the expense involved with a Vet bill.

You can only get a purebred Chihuahua Dog from a Chihuahua breeder and it will cost you many hundreds of dollars. Purebred Chihuahuas are rarely sold in a pet shop.

More Chihuahua Information

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