Dog Health and Safety

When it comes to dog health and safety, I want to be prepared by "prevention". A hurried trip to the Vet is both COSTLY and STRESSFUL.

Dog First Aid

Learn Dog First Aid, Canine First Aid and Pet First Aid so you know how to treat injuries, prevent injuries, trauma, and poisonings before something unbearable happens. Make a First Aid Kit.


A question I asked myself, "Is my home safe for my dogs"?

We try to keep our family safe and healthy by doing the everyday things we should be doing by preventing, the majority of problems that could arise.

Prevention is a good thing, pet proofing is a good thing; but in the end there's no substitute for good, reliable veterinary attention. So how do you go about choosing a vet when emergencies strike and your dogs health is at risk, be proactive and do it ahead of time.

Pet Insurance

We buy insurance to cover the unexpected for our human family members but what about those equally loved pets. Have you considered insurance for dog health?

Pet Vaccinations

We vaccinate our children, what about our pets? Shots for your animal don’t come cheap, but, again we are willing to spend what is needed. This give us feeling of reassurance and comfort knowing our dog or cat is safe.
Read more about...Pet Vaccinations

Feeding Dogs

I know you're like me, a dog lover, the health and happiness of these special family members is extremely important to us. It's important to watch their diet and how we feed them...Switching Dog Foods

Dangerous Stuff for Dogs

Some foods commonly enjoyed by humans are dangerous to your dogs health. When it comes to dog health and safety its important to know what could be harmful.

  • Chocolate (Theobromine poisoning)- The only known dangerous substance in chocolate is cocoa, so that the danger of white chocolate is uncertain.
  • Grapes and Raisins - This danger was discovered around 2000, and has slowly been publicized since then. The cause is not known. Small quantities will induce acute renal failure.
  • Onions
  • Some types of gum, certain sweeteners.
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Sultanas and Currants may also be dangerous.
  • Cooked bones are dangerous for dogs, because the heat of cooking changes their chemical and physical properties so that they cannot be chewed properly. As a result they may splinter into jagged shards that resist digestion.
  • Alcoholic beverages pose comparable hazards to dogs as they do to humans, but due to low body weight and lack of alcohol tolerance they are toxic in much smaller portions.
Many of us have these plants in our home or garden.
  • Caladium, Dieffenbachia and Philodendron will cause throat irritations that will burn the throat going down as well as coming up.
  • Hops are particularly dangerous to dog health and even small quantities can lead to malignant hyperthermia.
  • Amaryllis, daffodil, english ivy, iris, and tulip (especially the bulbs)cause gastric irritation and sometimes central nervous system excitement followed by coma, and, in severe cases, even death.
  • Ingesting foxglove, lily of the valley, larkspur and oleander can be life threatening because the cardiovascular system is affected.
These things seemed so harmless to me, or never thought they would jepordize my dogs health.

Keeping Our Dogs Comfortable

As our dogs age there are things we can do to help make them more comfortable one way is to learn Dog Massage Massage is also very helpful to ease the pain of surgery or just everyday stress or fears your dog may be have.

Are you aware that dogs can get sunburned or worse, we protect ourselves and other family members from the harmful effects of the sun, what about our dogs? Learn how to do this here: Hot Dogs

Free Book

I recently came across this site on dog health and am very impressed with the information offered.

Dr. Andrew Jones is a Veterinarian in Nelson BC, Canada, where he owns the Nelson Animal Hospital. He has been in practice as a small animal Veterinarian since 1992, after graduating with his DVM from the University of Saskatchewan.

Dr. Jones' main focus is on alternative, non-traditional remedies for pets. His interest in alternative pet medicine culminated in the writing of his book, Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Over 1,000 Safe, Natural and Effective Solutions for Healing Your Pet.
How to deal with noise phobias. If your dog shakes and hides during thunderstorms, then she has a noise phobia. A simple, safe home remedy found in your fridge can solve thunderstorm phobias.

Download his free ebook Healing Your Pet At Home

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