A Time For Bonding

Bonding with a new dog or puppy will not happen instantly, although sometimes it can form very quickly, much depends on your and your new pet’s temperament.

Depending on the age of the dog, how many homes its already been in and the coping pattern it has established for perceived threats can give you sort of a time frame for establishing a connection.

An abused Dog will take much longer to let down their guard, but a bond or connection can definitely be made and pays a big reward.

Be prepared to spend some quiet reassuring time with your new puppy or dog, don’t throw a big welcome party or thrust them into a chaotic situation (if at all possible) their first day. You may end up with a dog that will bite out of confusion and fear.

A Tip To Quick Start Bonding With Your Dog

Before you pickup your dog, go through your drawers, find a warm sweatshirt you don’t mind giving up, make it a big, soft one. Sleep in it for several days (a week or so, if possible), and don’t wash it.

Use this shirt as your new dog or puppy’s first blanket. Wrap them in it or allow them to lay on it as soon as you get him, then put the shirt in their new bed, or crate. This way he will learn your smell quickly.

If you already have a pet in your household, allow time for your new pet to explore his new surroundings. Keep him separated, spend time with your new addition alone, one on one. Snuggling up cuddling with your new puppy or dog is a sure way to increase the bond.

Let them stay in your bedroom at night, not necessarily on your bed unless this is something you will continue to allow, or are willing to break a habit you‘re allowing to form!

Continue Over Time

Over the next few days or weeks take these steps toward ensuring a lifelong friendship:

  • Spend some relaxing time introducing grooming, use a soft brush and go slowly it may be their first experience, your puppy will enjoy the close contact and also learn what grooming feels like.
  • Now is the perfect time to start some positive training, do not take any punitive actions towards your new puppy or dog while they are still trying to figure out if they can trust you.
  • Again go slowly, read their Body Language, are they Timid and Shy, or Fearful. Establishing your position as Alpha will go much easier once the bond has been created, but remember if you allow to many bad habits to go unchecked you will have more work ahead of you.

Keep That Forever Bond

Dogs are such loyal companions and friends and to keep their "unconditional love" requires very little if anything from us

  • Pet and stroke your dog whenever you have a moment and make time even if you don’t.
  • Talk to your dog, in a pleasant and consistent tone. They might not understand every word, but will soon pick up on certain words that you use regularly and will love being spoken to, they know they have your attention.
  • Take them with you on regular outings. Dogs love walks, car rides and outings almost more than they love you.
  • Play a one-on-one game of fetch or tug . Nothing says “I love you” more than quality time.
  • Feed your dog treats. Treat them when they behave well, do a trick, or when you arrive home to find them patiently waiting. Dogs look forward to treats and come to expect them. Although they will love you unconditionally—they’ll love you even more if you have treats.

You will know when the bond or connection is there, your dog becomes more then just a dog to you and you become more than just a human to them....You have obviously become lifelong friends!

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