Want To Know About SBI?

About SBI...Site Build It! (SBI) is a program that helps people create websites designed to either sell products or make money through affiliate programs such as Adsense affiliate links and other affiliate links.

It is a very step-by-step program. It helps you brainstorm and create the basic structure for a website, select the right domain name and design the site. It then offers suggestions on how to market and eventually monetize the site. You can move at your own pace.

"Any monkey can put up a SITE nowadays. Sorry to be blunt, but that's the truth. And they don't work for bananas."

What Has SBI Done For Me

The great thing about SBI for me is that it offers me a chance to obtain independence while still being of service to people.

Dogs are my passion, Chihuahuas to be exact, I have had so much fun (yes Fun) building my web site. Offering Dog owners and would be dog owners information on Dogs and their care.

If we could all focus on being of service to people, how great the world would be.

And in a time when it feels like everything is out of control, and others are really messing things up, I sit down and write more content and build my business, and carry on through the storm. And hopefully, the tortoise (me) beats the hurricane (the world).

Bad Economy

In todays economy some folks may feel they are sinking. some folks are simply surfing - I intend to use the web for sailing, selling my goods and making friends at every port around the world, So far I have made many!

It doesn't depend on who gets elected next month. It doesn't depend on what the stock market does tomorrow or next week or next year. It doesn't even depend on whether the "bail-out" works or not. It only depends on me, on how hard (and how smart) I'm willing to work.

And I am more ready to do that work than I have ever been. I am now fiercely determined and motivated to make this site--Patz-Dogs.com and the others to come soon--a success, in every way. My SBI sites may well end up being the only income we have for our retirement, but I am confident that it will be enough.

Free Stuff From SBI

Here is a fun and FREE tool offered by SBI use it to help with niche choices or what ever? This is an excellent way to find out about SBI. Chooseit

Make Your Site SELL! 2002 A classic and well worth reading..."The definitive work on making any Web site sell" Download this free e-book here Make Your Web Site Sell

An Awesome ebook for bloggers or anyone already owning an ecommerce website, formerly sold for $29.95, MYWS! is now totally free...Make Your Words Sell

These are only a few of SBI freebies.

?.. Go To Horses Mouth

If you're serious about putting together a professional website that matures over time and actually gets found by people who share your interest, I think you should check out what Solo Build It has to offer.

If you have any doubts whether Solo Build It is the right fit for your plans you can ask them a question here - Ask The SBI Team A Question about SBI...Just Ask

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