Articles Related To Dog Training

The articles below are for help with specific behavior modification or training needs.

Jumping Dog: How to deal with a jumping dog.
Jumping is a really common problem among dogs
- or should I say among dog owners? It’s rarely a
problem for the dogs themselves read more..

Aggression: Recognizing, preventing, and handling
dog aggression. A dog is an instinctively aggressive
creature. In the wild, aggression came in very
handy read more..

Destructive Chewing: The act of chewing seems to
be a matter of individual preference among dogs:
some have an innate desire to chew read more

House Training Options: House training is one of
the areas of dog ownership that’s most subject to
misunderstanding, confusion, and just plain dread!
read more..

Biting Nipping Puppy: How to get a young puppy to stop biting and nipping is the primary concern of a lot of new Dog owners, and should be! What appeared like an adorable precious pet only minutes ago has now turned in to a total nightmare. Learning how to curb biting puppies can be done but read more...

General Articles Including Care and Health Issues

Older Dog Care and Comfort: As your dog gets older, he or she may have needs that were not as noticeable when younger. Properly caring for your older dog as he or she approaches the twilight years is critical to their health and comfort. read more....

Dog Grooming Basics: Dog Grooming Basics include, how to set up a grooming area, how to train your dog and develop a system to make the process go smoothly and quickly. Learn some advanced techniques and what tools you will need. read more....

New Puppy: If you ask any adult about the day their parents finally let them have a puppy, they can surely describe it in detail. My first dog's name was Lassie and I was the most excited third grader in the neighborhood that day. No, she was not the famous "Lassie", heck she wasn't even a Collie. read more....

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