Choosing a Dog that’s Right for You.

A dog is a dog right? No! Choosing a dog that suits you and your families needs and lifestyle is imporant. Look at some of the dog breeds listed below and learn all you can about the breed.

Things To Think About.

  • Will it be a small or large one?
  • A male a female?
  • A cuddly one, or a rough and ready type?
  • A pure breed or a mixed breed?

How much room do you have? A big back yard, you can choose one that needs space to run. A small apartment, maybe you should stick to one of the toy breeds; but trust me, exercise needs are not based soley on size.

There are many small/medium size dogs that need lots of run around room. My Chihuahuas are good examples, they may be the smallest breed, but, boy are they fast and they truly love to run!

Choosing a dog breed that is a true companion animal. They definately don't like being left alone, and will whine and cry, even if its only for short periods of time. They have voracious appetites for attention!

I work with a dog in my lap everyday and sometimes more than 1 (glad they're small)!

Are you into competition?

Chihuahua running agility Golden Retriever on Agility Course

Are you a competive type? How about choosing a dog for Agility competitions. These are awesome events for both owner and dog.

Showing a Yorkshire Terrier
Maybe you're competive but prefer the more docile type, like a Show Dog. Here is a Yorkshire Terrier being shown, another form of competition enjoyed by both owner and dog.

DOGSHOWS 101 the E-Book will give you :

  • Tips on entering the Show ...
  • Tips on the world of A.K.C. dogshows, what to look for and where ...
  • Tips on classes, points,the Group Ring and HOW TO GET THERE ...
  • Tips on everything from baiting and stacking to gaiting and crating...
In an easy-to-understand PDF download, DOGSHOWS 101 walks you through the steps to becoming a successhul and happy dog show exhibitor instead of a frustrated and disappointed one.

If this sounds like something you'd like to do,Download DOGSHOWS 101 Here!

Choose a dog that fits your interests. Choose a dog with care.

Chihuahua Breed Selector Tool by TrainPetDog

There are so many breeds to choose from, are you interested in seeing pictures of the most popular dog breeds along with their descriptions?

If you're considering a Toy breed you may enjoy reading about and seeing pictures of 6 of the Small Breed Dogs, including the Papillon, Maltese and the Shih Tzu

A site worth visiting is filled with information for dog lovers.

Choosing a dog is a lifetime decision.

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