Popular Dog Breeds

I've included just a sampling of some of the most popular dog breeds along with a link to their description.

Many people fall in love with the looks of a particular dog breed and only later find that looks are not everything.

A breed may be very pleasing to the eye but not at all pleasing to your lifestyle or family. I personally love all dogs but am fully aware that certain breeds require and need more exercise and running room than others.

Because of this looks and popularity have to take a back seat for the good of all.

Favorite Dog Breeds

Since the order of their popularity changes, I have provided pictures that you can click on to see a brief description of each and have not placed them in any order other than informational order.

German Shepherd Golden Retriver

Yorkshire Terrier Bull Dog

Boston Terrier Chihuahua

Bishon Frise

The Bichon Frise is another popular breed, it's a hypoallergenic dog and great for allergy sufferers. Read about them at: All About Bichon Frises

American Eskimo Dog

Although not listed in the top favorites, I've included one of my own favorites (other than the Chihuahua of course), The American Eskimo Dog.

Once you have a particular breed in mind be sure to do good research on their needs. Talk to breeders, a good breeder will give you answers, you might also consider checking out breed clubs.

Talk to owners, there are many reasons why one breed is more popular than another. Some has to do with the make up of the dog, much has to do with the dog owners themselves and the connection they made with their dog.

Choosing a dog is a lifetime decision.

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