Puppy Basics

Puppy Proof Your Home

Puppy basics includes what to feed a puppy and, what NOT to do with a new puppy.

Puppies are very playful and depending on what they've been exposed to by the breeder and their age they maybe cautious of new places or totally fearless.

Puppy Foods Could Include:

  • Cottage cheese
  • Plain Yogurt
  • Scrambled Egg
  • Purina Puppy Chow in blue and white bag
  • Pedigree canned food
  • Foods out of the human baby food section of the store
  • Rice and boiled chicken
  • Nothing greasy or salty
  • Nutra Cal or sugar water if low in energy (hypoglycemic)

Things Not To Do:

  • Avoid Rest stop areas (possible rabid wildlife)
  • Keep out of Dog Parks (parvo - if a new puppy and not fully immunized)See Vaccinations
  • Don't leave them unattended on high areas such balconies or stair cases
  • Swimming pools, although they may swim they are not strong enough to find their way out
  • When going to the vet do not expose the puppy to anything except the exam table. Keep them securely in your lap or crate(sick animals go to the vet)
  • These are just some of the things I warn new puppy owners about.

    Don't think your new little one will know better than to get to close to dangerous things, a secure puppy has no fear, it's about training not instinct.

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