Dog Grooming - Puppy or Adult

When it comes to dog grooming; Beginning this process when they are puppies is best.

Grooming helps them get used to being touched all over their bodies. If you adopt an older dog start gradually, he may not be ready to be handled and touched all over his body.

The breed of your dog will dictate how often and to what extent you’ll need to go.

The most important is to do it on a regular basis.

This way you will detect any flea infestations earlier.

What Breed of Dog Do You Have?

Know your breed of dog and what specific care it needs. If your not sure what to do you can always ask the breeder or find information from your vet or the library.

American Eskimo Dog

My American Eskimo has a heavy double coat that requires a lot of brushing to keep it tangle free and healthy.

We have a regular grooming schedule; she absolutely loves the attention and it is very relaxing for me as well.

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Enjoy A Great Bonding Time

Grooming doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming. With the right planning and tools you can do it in as little as fifteen minutes, (if you set up a regular routine).

Bath Time

Although my question is, why would you want to rush through it?

This is a great time to bond and show them affection. An animal loves to be rubbed and talked to and a person relaxes while talking and petting his dog.

What Tools Will You Need ?

You will definitely need the proper dog grooming comb and brush.

I use a double rake on my American Eskimo Dog, if your dog has a heavy or double coat I highly suggest you buy one. A high quality double Rake makes it quick and easy.

Cleaning your dog will improve coat health, keeping it shiney and free of snarls and knotting as well as checking for parasites such as Ticks

You may need conditioner for the dog's skin, deshedding blades, nubby gloves, eye wipes, ear cleaners, animal clippers and shampoo (either wet or dry).

Nail Clipping

A good pair of nail clippers is a must, this is especially true if it is an indoor dog where they don‘t naturally wear down.

Please make sure you have been instructed by your vet in how to clip the dogs nails before attempting this.

Holding down a large breed dog to clip his nails is not easy and usually takes at least two people to accomplish this. If your dog is too fearful of nail clipping, please consider taking them to the vet and letting a vet deal with this trauma, otherwise it will just keep getting harder to do.

Make Ear Care And Inspections A Routine

Checking your dog's ears only takes a few minutes so make it a part of your dog grooming routine. And when your dog's ears need cleaning don't put it off, regular cleanings can prevent many common ear problems.
Read about Dog Ear Infections

If you think a problem may be developing, take your dog to the vet for a check up immediately. An infection, if left untreated, can be very painful for your dog and ld even damage your dog's hearing.

Start cleaning the external part of the ear by swabbing the earflaps on the inside, all around the gnarled area at the entrance of the ear canal.

You can use a cotton-tipped swab but make sure it is a long type, a dog's ear canal is much deeper than ours. Gently and carefully swab the inside of the ear canal.

A safer method is to fill the ear canal with a pet ear cleaning solution and gently massage the outer ear. After a few minutes allow your dog to shake his head to help clear the ear canal.

If you use a commercial pet ear care product be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

Inspect Their Mouth- Brush Their Teeth

This is a good time to take a look at your dogs teeth; lift your dogs lips and take a look at their teeth and gums. If their teeth are more yellow than white and the gums are swollen or red these are signs of plaque and tartar buildup.

Regular brushing at home is going to improve your dog’s teeth and breathe. Dogs do not naturally have bad breath.

If you need help ask you vet for a hands on lesson in how to provide the best home dental care.


Take a break

After reading through all this important information on dog grooming, take a break and play with my virtual puppy "Ruffy"...unless of course you have a live puppy, then by all means Go play with him or her!

Feed Ruffy a snack and play fetch with the ball. To feed: Click on the dog snack bag. To play with ball: Click on the more tab (and watch how excited Ruffy becomes!). Make sure you pet him too, just click on the puppy to pet it.

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