Dog Bad Breath

Small Chihuahua

Stinky dog bad breath can make life miserable for everyone he lives with. It will keep you from wanting to get close to your furry best friend or even playing with him.

This can be upsetting to everyone including your dog, Bad breath also known as halitosis, is not just your ordinary doggie breath but instead a very offensive and particularly foul odor from your furry best friends mouth.

May Be Serious Health Problem

Keep in mind even though it is unpleasant his bad breath may also be a signal of a serious underlying health problem.

That foul dog breath odor may be a sign of infection or other serious medical issue in your canines mouth, or it may be from a problem located elsewhere in his body.

Either way your dog's bad breath needs to be dealt with properly to protect your dogs health and well being as well as your relationship. Your dog may simply need better dental care.

What Can You Do

Regularly brush your dog's teeth, although this may not get rid of the bad breath entirely it can greatly reduce it. This also prevents plaque build up which can make the bad breath worse.

Check your dog's food. If he is eating raw meat, he will have bad breath. Some canned foods also produce foul smelling breath. Consider switching him to dry food and see if it improves.

Could your dog be eating garbage or feces? Eliminate this from his diet by either immediately picking up his feces or preventing access to the garbage can.

Other Things To Look For

There may be other symptoms to watch for, an example of these may be any oral discharge, pain or difficulty eating. You may notice drooling, depression or difficulty swallowing.

Facial swelling, pawing at the mouth, sneezing, and nasal discharge can all be signs of mouth disorders, these along with dog bad breath are symptoms of infection or possible disease.

See A Veterinarian

Take your dog to the veterinarian for a professional dental cleaning. The vet can also determine if gingivitis, periodontal disease or plaque build up are causing the bad breath.

Even if you only notice the dog bad breath, it's still very worthwhile for him to be checked by a veterinarian and have the cause of his halitosis identified and treated, preventing the unpleasant odor from continuing and protecting the health and happiness of your furry best friend.


Your Dogs Teeth

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