Famous Chihuahuas. How Many Do You Recognize?

Famous Chihuahuas list, some recognizable, and some maybe not so recognizable but nonetheless Famous.

Have you ever wondered about those little 4 leggers owned by 2 leggers?

The Chihuahua has been a very popular dog breed for many many years with very little credit given them (I might add).

I know there are many more that can be added to this list.

Did you know Marilyn Monroe owned a Chihuahua, although after a great deal of research I have been unable to learn what she named him.

Some are famous some are infamous…

  • Coco, the dog featured on the television series Dog Whisperer and owned by Cesar Millan
  • Coco, Donna Cabonna´s dog from the Disney Channel Original Series That's So Raven
  • Enrique, Hector Con Carne's pet chihuahua from Evil Con Carne
  • Madame Shirley the Medium is an old-fortune teller chihuahua featured in a TV Show Cartoon, Courage the Cowardly Dog
  • Mimi, Sharon Osbourne's chihuahua
  • Pepito, Xavier Cugat's chihuahua immortalized in the children's book Pepito the Little Dancing Dog: The Story of Xavier Cugat's Chihuahua
  • Ren Höek, of Ren and Stimpy fame
  • The Spooky Chihuahua from Invader Zim
  • The Taco Bell chihuahua
  • Tinkerbell Hilton and Bambi, Paris Hiltons Chihuahuas. Tinkerbell is the "author" of "Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries"
  • Tito from Oliver & Company
  • Geraldo, Max Shreck's movie star Chihuahua in Batman Returns
  • Wheely Willy, a paraplegic chihuahua from Long Beach, California who has become a celebrity as the subject of two bestselling children's books
  • Mammoth Mutt from the cartoon series Krypto the Superdog
  • Samuel Witwicky's fiesty and diarrhea-prone chihuahua named Mojo from Transformers
  • Celine, Mr G's pet chihuahua from the ABC's tv series "Summer Heights High"
  • Lou, a chihuahua featured on the television show The Soup

Boo Boo - The Worlds Smallest Living Dog

Once again Boo Boo the Chihuahua is crowned the Guiness Book record holder as the worlds smallest living dog.

She is a long haired female Chihuahua owned by Lana Elswick of Raceland, Kentucky.

Boo Boo, born on April 15, 2006 is 4 inches tall, 6.5 inches long and weighs 24 ounces.

Congratulations to Lana and Boo Boo.

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