What To Name Your Dog?

Don't feel pressured to name your dog or puppy on the first day. Take a few days to get to know your new best friend.

There are literally thousand of names to choose and obviously this just scratches the surface, but it might give you some ideas of how to go about choosing one.

I offer you some suggestions for dog names here, if you need ideas for other pets check out petnamesplace.com, they offer hundreds of the very best pet names for dogs,cats, hamsters, rabbits and fish. Find pet names with meanings, cute pet names, exotic pet names, common pet names, native American pet names, Japanese pet names and much more!

Inspiration for the name can come from anywhere. Choose a name based on characteristics such as gender or physical attributes. Pinpoint what stands out most about your dog and come up with a unique name that reflects his individuality.

For big dogs, how about Chubby, Max, Sumo or Tank? A small dog could be called Ant, Cupcake, Dinky, Inch, Midget, Nipper, Pixie or Squirt.

Although I have seen this reversed, you may choose to name your dog the opposite of his size.

What's Their Personality?

Choose a name according to your pet's personality. Bear, Bruiser, Butch, Bashful, Cheeky, Comet, Fang, Gypsy, Mischief, Mojo, Rascal, Rowdy and Wiggles are just a few of the names based on personality.

For sweet-tempered dogs, names like Blossom, Honey, Kisses or Snuggles could work.

Energetic, playful dog names, Feisty, Comet, Dynamo, and Frisky .

Lively dogs could be named: Whiz, Scuttle, Skip, Skipper, Fritz, and Flash.

For a mischievous one consider: Rogue, Pirate, Rascal, Sneaker, Sly, Slick, Banshee, Clyde, and Nixon.

There's also Cruella, Elvira, Nakita, and Buffy.

What Are Your Interests?

Maybe name your dog according to your interests or hobbies. This is one way to ensure that the dog's name has a special meaning to you alone.

If you like to garden, how about names based on plants and flowers like Fern, Holly, Ivy, Juniper, Lily, Lotus, Pansy, Petunia, Sweet Pea, Rosemary, Tulip.

Are you into Jewels or precious stones? Name your dog after one: Ruby, Pearl, Diamond or Opal makes good names for small dogs.

Cute, cuddly female dogs are easy to name. Angel, Celeste, and Joy could relate to the feeling of joy and goodness a dog brings to your home.

Muffin, Chablis, Sable, Pinky and Pumpkin are adorable names for your new puppy .

If you love chocolate you might choose: Hershey, Coco, Chunky, Brownie, or Candy.

Chihuahua Names To Consider

Chihuahua in sweater

  • Chiquita or Chiquito. Spanish for little one.
  • Quito or Quita
  • Cozy chihuahuas love to cozy up to their owners.
  • Pablo or Pabla Spanish for little.
  • Pebbles Relating to small rocks.
  • Posy Relating to a small flower.
  • Penny
  • Rinky Dink
  • Maybe for 2 Chi call one Rinky and the other Dinky
  • Teensy Weensy
  • As with the puppy name Rinky Dink, this could work well again if you have two chihuahuas. You could call one Teensy and the other Weensy.
  • Chiclet Relating to the smaller sized chewing gum.
  • Dumbo This is an obvious one of course, but it is still a cute Chihuahua puppy name.
  • Geezer Okay just think about it, this name refers to the fact old people seem to have big ears. Geezer is slang for an old person.
  • Dew as in a drop of dew.
  • Nacho Who doesn't love Chihuahuas and nachos?
  • Cancun You could name your dog after a spot you love in Mexico such as popular Cancun.

Naming a dog and naming a child are two entirely different things. Your puppy could care less what you call him, and he won't need years of doggie therapy or be laughed out of the doggy park because he has a funny or unique name.

He'll love you regardless of what you call him!!

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