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Serious Puppy information for all small (Toy) dogs, especially Chihuahuas; they have a very low fat reserve around their liver. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) takes place in the nervous system.

It occurs in mainly toy breeds between six weeks and twelve months of age. Often it is precipitated by stress. This disturbance should particularly be looked for in puppies that are just brought home from the breeder.

The first signs are those of

  • listlessness
  • depression
  • followed by, muscular weakness
  • tremors (especially facial muscles)
  • and later

  • convulsions
  • coma
  • death
The entire sequence is not always seen.
The dog may simply
  • appear to be depressed
  • or he may be weak, wobbly and jerky
  • or he may be found in a coma

Important Puppy Information! Hypoglycemia can occur without warning when a puppy is placed in a new home, or while being shipped. It might appear after a puppy misses a meal, chills, becomes exhausted from too much playing, or has a digestive upset.

These upsets place an added strain on the energy reserves of the liver and bring on symptoms (if the dog is susceptible).

Puppies who are weaned on rice and hamburger are more likely to develop hypoglycemia. We do not wean our puppies on this type of diet because the certain ingredients needed to sustain the liver are absent.

TREATMENT: Treatment is directed at restoring blood levels of glucose.

Begin at once. Prolonged or repeated attacks can cause permanent damage to the brain.

If the puppy is awake, give him Karo Syrup, honey or sugar in the mouth. We recommend, Nutri-Cal Supplement, found in tube form from your pet store (we keep a tube on hand at all times). He will begin to improve in 30 minutes.

If he is unconscious your veterinarian should be called at once. He will have to be given a Dextrose solution intravenously. It may be necessary to treat for swelling of the brain.

PREVENTION: Prevent recurrent attacks by feeding a high quality kibble diet and add to it sugar, syrup or honey. See the puppy eats at least every eight hours and receives a daily vitamin.

Breeders should wean puppies on a balanced diet. Food supplements should not exceed 10 percent of the total ration. Owners of toy puppies should not overtire them or allow them to chill.

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