Chihuahua Yapping Newsletter - 12-01-09

Topics in this issue:

1. A Special Gift
2. Buying a New Puppy
3. Available Chihuahua Puppies

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A Special Gift

Giving a special gift is traditional at this time of year. Some people wait and save for just the right one to give.

Giving the gift of a new puppy is awesome, IF, the person is expecting one and prepared to receive it. If you want it to be a surprise there are ways to get around subjecting a little 3 or 4 lbs bundle of joy to even more stress than they already feel when going to a new environment.

  • Make sure there will be a quiet place for them to relax and get to know everyone individually. Don't overwhelm them with lots of unfamiliar people wanting to hold them.
  • Provide a new toy or special treat for their own entertainment.
  • Watch out for all the holiday goodies and decorations that may be within their reach. Don't share those extra goodies, not even a little lick.
  • Puppies are chewers so consider purchasing a cord protector or two.
  • If you become preoccupied with your human guest keep in mind quiet potty breaks are a must.
  • You may ask the breeder if they will hold the puppy until after all has quieted in your home. Most good breeders truly care and will be glad to do this.

I guess the most important thing to consider is whether the receipent will be as prepared to receive and you are to give. Are you sure they want a puppy, will the breed fit with their lifestyle.

Not too many people can resist a sweet little puppy, but even Chihuahuas grow up.

Buying a New Puppy

As a Chihuahua breeder I get a lot of calls about my puppies for sale. I truly enjoy talking to people interested in wanting to buy a puppy, but there are times when I feel like they haven’t given it enough thought.

An expression I use a lot is “buying a puppy is not like buying a toaster”, you can’t or should I say never just toss it out.

Having a puppy is something many children dream about. They hear their friends at school talking about their dogs and the jealousy sets in. You might desperately want one yourself.

The good news is that buying a puppy can be a great addition to your household and teach your kids great responsibility. Even so, there are some things you need to think about before making the final leap.

The first thing to consider is that puppies take a lot of time and attention. It can almost seem like you have to care for a newborn baby because the attention they need is constant.

It will get easier as they become older, but even full-grown dogs need pampering. Many dogs and puppies are also very playful and need some form of entertainment or they’re likely to get into trouble.

Puppies also need to be trained in different areas as they get older. There are probably training classes in your area that increase in difficulty as your dog gets older. It is a good idea to send your children to the classes too so they know exactly how to interact with their pet.

Keep in mind that your puppy will cost a lot of money. Even if you try to calculate all the costs there will be some that are completely unexpected. Some of the many are food, toys, vaccinations, registrations, and dog training. If your little one gets hurt you’ll also find yourself with a large vet bill.

Expect to pay for your dog what you would pay for a member of your “human” family because the costs can really add up. Your puppy will get larger depending on the breed. While that is a fairly obvious statement it does need to be said.

If you have small children it can be intimidating to have such a large animal around or in the case of Chihuahua such a small one around, children should be reminded to be extra careful holding and playing with this size dog. The best way to avoid any problems is to do your research before your purchase to make sure you’re getting a dog that is just right.

Another consideration is that your dog will need exercise whether it be a Chihuahua or a larger breed. If you enjoy exercising yourself this will be a no-brainer for you. On the other hand, if you are worn out at the end of a long day it can be a lot of trouble to take your dog for a walk.

Many dogs also like to play with their toys and be active in general. There are breeds that are less enthusiastic so choose one of those if you prefer to be sedentary. You will also need room for your dog to play and sleep. If you have plans to get a large dog you should make sure that you have a large area. Of course, there are also dogs that will always be so small they can fit into a purse. Make your decision based on the space you have.

Despite all of the things you need to think about it can be incredibly rewarding to be a dog owner. This is especially true if it’s the first time you’re going to buy a puppy. It is an experience like nothing else and they are oh-so-cute! If you decide to make the purchase, it will be a neat adventure for your whole family.

Puppies Available

We have new puppies available. I don't expect them to be with us much longer so we are enjoying them while we can. See who's still available here

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