Tinkerbelle Chihuahua

Female Tinkerbelle Chihuahua

Tinkerbelle Chihuahua is a beautiful Fawn colored, smooth coat Chihuahua. Very easy going and loving.

Sir Rascal

She is bred by our stud Sir Rascal, a very sweet Long Hair, pictured here on the right.

Tinkerbelle normally produces 5 - 6 pups, most all have that Cream/Fawn coat as she has; some develop a darker tan like Sir Rascal.

There is generally a mixture of both long and smooth coat puppies in each litter.

All her pups are adopted very quickly. Below is a picture of a pup from a past litter.

Tinkerbelle's Girl

Female Chihuahua puppy 11 weeks old


Short Tan coat with White marking on head and paws. She is applehead with a short nose and legs, weighed 3 pounds at 11 weeks.

A very playful and loving little girl with big beautiful Chihuahua ears and eyes.

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