The Beagle

The Beagle is alert, bold, active, eager and affectionate. They can be stubborn dogs, but have the intelligence to be trained, if done in a firm manner.

They still have pack instincts and enjoy being socialized with other dogs for pack activities. They make great family pets with their cheerful and gentle nature and tolerance of other pets and children.

Physical Characteristics

General Appearance: Well proportioned, compact, muscular, active and exuding strength and energy.

Color: Any hound color, except liver. Tip of the tail is white.

Coat: Short, dense and weather resistant.

Tail: Moderate length, set high, tapering, carried gaily but not curled over the back and longer hair on the underside.

Ears: Long, flat, set low, round tip and hanging.

Body: Short, straight, muscular back, muscular thighs, ribs well sprung, loin powerful and extending right back.


Their coat is waterproof and is able to drip-dry easily and dirt can be sponged off with ease.


They need a considerable amount of exercise and make great companions for the active outdoors family. They are not recommended for a flat or apartment home.


The Beagle is believed to have evolved from the old Talbot or Southern Hound in France, these hounds made their way over to Britain. Originally there were two kinds of scent hounds in England, large ones who hunted deer and small ones known as 'begles' who hunted rabbits. Thus, just as Harriers are a smaller version of the English Foxhound, beagles are a smaller version of the Harrier.

Additional Comments

This sweet little hound dog may become destructive and howl if bored and not kept occupied.

They're great household members, as they naturally enjoy being part of a team and the family becomes part of their pack.

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