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Chihuahua Yapping SignUp page. I called my e-zine Chihuahua Yapping, because I love to yap about Chihuahuas and my Chi yap back. Maybe them more than me!

But, either way I love to talk about Chihuahua and dogs in general.

At this time my e-zine is completely free and I try to publish once a month; unless something really important needs to be brought to your attention, then I may throw an extra one in.

I hope I can keep it interesting for you and provide good information for you to use. You should see the Sign Up form on the left, don't worry I keep your info just between you and me.

If you like this e-zine, please do a friend and me a big favor and "pay it forward."

You have a choice to opt out if not.

I am new to this e-zine stuff so bear with me while I get a feel of it. I promise to get better as we go along together.

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