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"A Dog's Purpose", a dog book review presented here for those of you who enjoy reading. And since you are here on Patz-dogs I assume you have an interest in dogs.

Reading has been a passion for me, but lately it seems I haven't been able to find the time or should I say haven't taken the time to sit and enjoy a good book.

In this busy world we live in today stopping to smell the Roses or Reading just for the pleasure of it is something many of us have neglected.

" A Dog's Purpose"

A tail-wagging three hanky boo-hooer, this delightful fiction debut by newspaper columnist Cameron (8 Simple Rules for Marrying My Daughter) proposes that a dog's purpose might entail being reborn several times. Told in a touching, doggy first-person.

This story starts with Toby, he's rescued by a woman who has an unlicensed rescue operation, so, sadly, Toby ends up euthanized. I cried here, didn't know if I wanted to finish the book or not (glad I did).

Then he's reborn in a puppy mill and after almost dying while left in a hot car, he's saved again by another woman, he then becomes Bailey, a very much loved golden retriever, who finds happiness and many adventures.

Next he is incarnated as Ellie, a female this time, a heroic search and rescue German shepherd dog. I won't tell you everything here except he is incarnated again as Buddy, a black Lab. You have to read it now to find out "A Dogs Purpose".

I can tell you it is special and worth reading. It is easy to read and if you are a pet lover will touch your heart. A great book for all ages who admire a canine's courage.

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