Bad Dog Behavior
Where To Start!

When I first brought my Chihuahua puppies home I overlooked some bad dog behaviors and allowed bad habits to begin forming. "Plenty of time to start dog training"! RIGHT?

Chihuahua - Beware of Dog WRONG!!!

Before I knew it I had a problem, my puppies were peeing (and worse) all over my house, chewing everything in sight, jumping all over my guests AND barking incessantly.

Regaining control would take forever (I thought), and I didn't want to be mean or abusive. I'm a "dog lover", but I don't BARK and they don't TALK! I was afraid it was too late for correcting dog behavior!

So who was to fault for these bad dog behaviors and does it really matter? All I knew for sure was I had to get control ASAP!

I had to learn to become ALPHA in my own house!

Dog Behavior

Start by making a list of behaviors your dog may have, observing your dogs actions or lack of actions under different circumstances.

This is an example; I left my dogs home to visit a neighbor, I came home to destruction, this was bad dog behavior to me.

Later I learned it was a mild case of Separation Anxiety Trust me at the time I did not consider it mild!

What you may learn is those behaviors you see may not be "bad dog behaviors" at all, but instead a natural progression of behaviors.

I will admit I had been a lazy dog owner, even though I felt I was loving them. They needed a "pack" leader.

Does your dog have a pack leader? Is it you?

Becoming Leader of the Pack

Start with "becoming alpha" every dog needs a leader to show him what is right or wrong, just as children do, otherwise they wander aimlessly with no direction and tend to become very insecure.

Establish that you are Alpha and each human member of your household is also Alpha.

It is important here to assure your dog that he indeed holds a secure position within your family "pack" (this is the bonding part).

Then on to Basic Obedience Training. Obedience training is a must for dogs, I found it especially true for Chihuahuas. Once you get the basics done, time to move on with the training.

Correcting Dog Behavior

You need to set your priorities, these were mine:

With my 6 dogs, each individuals, even though 4 are of the same breed; I needed help fast and lots of it. I looked for every resource to make our home run smoother, and not just be a canine training camp.


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